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"Maybe You Should Go and Love Yourself"

Confession: I struggle with self love EVERY SINGLE DAY.  
I'm 37.  Most times, I'm the oldest of the girls I work with. 
All of my colleagues are trendy, beautiful, vibrant and young looking -- and seem to have a matching girl squad of besties who always make time to hang and have fun.
I have too many gray hairs.  I now have to color my hair every 8 weeks.
I am not tee-tiny - I have never been small or uber-skinny.  But, I'm the heaviest I've ever been right now.  I hate getting dressed.  I loathe looking at myself in a full length mirror.
My arms are flabby and make me very self conscious because they jiggle when I have to tease clients hair.
I have always had large boobs and have never been able to go braless.  The majority of my wardrobe consists of flowy black tops. 
I'm have age spots, droopy eyelids and forehead wrinkles and more chins than a Chinese phone book now.
I share all of this because I know many beautiful women struggle with the same self-love issue…