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"I Can Feel So Unsexy."

So restless. My brain just won’t shut off.
I found myself thumbing through past photos I've posted to my social media accounts tonight.
It has overwhelmed me to reflect back on where I was just a year ago... then to look back at 2 years ago. - Makes me feel all the feels at the same time.
Sad.  Happy.  Defeated.  Proud.  
- To go back and reflect on your worries and fears from back then.

- To see how you overcame those obstacles.
- To realize that even though you're feeling completely overwhelmed and stressed out currently, you're able to recognize that you're going to overcome these current obstacles that are occupying precious space in your heart and your mind, robbing you of peace, just as you did before.
I truly am thankful for all the experiences I've had - good and bad.

I’ve grown so, so much in the last 2 years.

- With that being said, allow me to digress just for a minute:
If you ever need a lesson in self-love or accepting yourself where ever you are, go do…

New Year. New Goals.


No resolutions.  No specific order.

Just a list of things I'd like to embrace, accomplish, and achieve throughout this year.

I've been thinking on this post for several days now.

Posting it here for transparency and accountability's sake.

Without further ado...  let's get into this.

1) Practice - and make a habit of - loving myself first - where ever I am, just as I am.
  - Physically:  It's so easy to pick my appearance completely apart at any given moment.  - Whether it be those ever-present forehead wrinkles, that extra chin flab, the way my jeans squeeze my love handles up and out, how the back of my arms jiggle when I'm teasing a client's hair.
- It's all a work in progress though.  So as long as I'm making an effort to work on the things I am able to change about my body, I am trying to reprogram my thought patterns to be kinder to myself and to just keep moving forward without releasing those negatively-charged thoughts into my un…