Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My 2015 "To Do" List

So I didn't make any New Year's Resolutions this year.  

I figured I'd try something different since I'm pretty goal-oriented anyway.

Instead of resolutions, I've made a "To Do" / Bucket List for the year that I can add to and check things off as I complete things over the coming months.

So here is my list:

1) Pray more - and with purpose and intention - for myself, for my husband, for our relationship and future, for my kids and their future, for my family and friends.

2) Write more. Keep better track of my personal and business blogging. Journal my personal thoughts, dreams, goals as well as the kids' milestones and all the cute things they do and say.    

3) Unplug more often. Intentionally step away from the iPhone, iPad, laptop, TV - and just be present in those special moments with my family.

4) Sucessfully wean Xander and remember what it feels like to wear regular, cute bras again! - Also enjoy not having to plan my outfits based on how easily accessible my boobs will be! - Oh, how nice it will be to no feel and look so frumpy!!

5) Spend more time with friends. Reinvest in my current friendships but step out of my comfort zone and try to make some new mommy friends too.

6) Cook more at home. Even better: Take a cooking class with my husband.

7) Take a class or two or three or MORE! A hair workshop. More makeup training. Sewing. Art/Painting. Cake Decorating: Emmy loves the show Cupcake Wars and when I mentioned that we may look into taking a cake decorating class together over the summer she seemed really excited to do it.

8) Get on with an agency or two for more lucrative work opportunities.

9) Make more quality time to spend with my husband.  

10) Fit comfortably into my skinny jeans again! - Which means, once I'm done nursing, I need to exercise more and eat better. - I've got all the tools, I just need to make a plan and stick to it! - Hike, walk the dogs with the kids, swim!  

11) Speak with positivity and more kindness.

12) Volunteer and get the family involved. Soup kitchens, homeless shelters, animal shelters.

13) Worry less. Ask for help when you need it. Relinquish control. Remember: God's got this.  

14) Attend a Makeup Show, preferably with some of my other MUA friends!  

15) Run a 5K or two.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

One Year

Well, Xander is a year old!  

I can't believe a whole year has gone by!

It was a good year, but it was definitely one of major adjustments and re-prioritizing.  

I remember talking to the lactation consultant at the hospital the day after Xander was born.  She asked me how long I planned to breastfeed.  I told her I was going to TRY to make it a year.  She was very happy by my answer and told me that was an excellent and very realistic goal.

And here we are!  - A year later.  - Still going strong -- even after the many, MANY times I cried (and screamed), "I want to quit!"

Breastfeeding is, by far, one of the most difficult, most challenging things I've ever done in my entire LIFE

I am so thankful I was able to master it this go around.  

I am proud of myself for sticking with it even when it was a HUGE inconvenience, especially considering all the out of town work I had over the course of this past year.

Pumping several times a day to keep your supply up, storing expressed milk in tiny hotel room freezers, making special trips to special grocery stores to buy dry ice so I could get all of my expressed milk home safely in a small cooler without it spoiling and going to waste -- Ugh!  What a royal pain in the butt!  - Just a small part of all the stuff no one tells you about nursing children!!

I can see why a lot of moms choose to nurse past the 1 year mark.  I understand it more now than I did ever before.  Even though I don't believe my personal choice will be to nurse much longer, I completely understand and support other moms in their wishes to continue on past a year.

As nursing moms, we've worked SO hard to master the art of nursing and just when it starts to get easy and has almost become second nature, it's time to wean your little boob monster.  It's really kind of sad.  

Anyhow, a year of literally sharing my body...  On top of the 9 months prior that the baby was IN my body.  That wasn't easy.

But I did it.  And I'm so grateful.  

Xander is such a blessing.  He is the sweetest little soul.

He is crawling, standing, cruising, climbing and taking wobbly little steps!  He says "Please" and knows how to sign the word for "Milk".  

He has 8 teeth.  Sucks his thumb.  Loves sweet potatoes, green beans and bananas.  Smiles, laughs and gives sweet, slobbery kisses often.  

He is a total momma's boy, but has started to cry if dad leaves the room without cuddling him first.  And he LOVES his big sister SOOOO much.  She's such a good Big Sis!

He likes monkeys, dinosaurs and enjoys watching the new Star Wars cartoon with his dad.


2015 is off to a good start.  

I just returned to Nashville yesterday from my annual trip to L.A. for IMTA.  

I've got several more out of town work trips already on the calendar as well as several weddings on the books.

The new studio space is almost ready.  Alan just finished the flooring last week!  I'm super excited to get in there and start seeing clients!  

I'm so looking forward to a busy and productive year!