Monday, March 24, 2014

3 Months

Xander is 3 months now.  He's officially graduated the "newborn" stage and entered "infant" status.

Our lives have started to reach a new sense of "normalcy" now that he's adjusted better to life outside the womb.

The nursing has finally gotten a lot easier - not second nature yet, but it's getting there. 

I'm still on modified maternity leave... Meaning I'm only trying to work every other weekend right now.  That's proving to be a challenge for my workaholic nature.

I had tubal surgery at the end of February and am very confident that I made the right decision for me.  I love my kids sooo much, but don't think I'm cut out to be a mom 3 or 4 times over.  Two is definitely enough!

I don't know how moms of multiples (twins / triplets) do it.  I'm envious of their strength, patience and perseverance!

I only have one helpless one and one that is a big help and I still feel like a crazy person sometimes!

- And I now remember why I was late to everything for about 3 years after Em was born.  It's so hard to get out of the house!

Most days when I'm leaving for work, I feel like Eryka Badu is singing her song "Bag Lady" just for and about me.  

I've got my makeup kit, my hair kit, my freelance kit for in-store visits, plus my purse and my breast pump.  

I did finally break down and retired the over-sized "Mom" purse I carried for so many years and bought a small purse to carry my wallet, keys and phone.  (Huge step!  My friends are proud.)  But I figure anything else I need can just go in the diaper bag for now.

It's all be an adjustment, but it's definitely getting easier.

In other news, I celebrated my 35th birthday this month.  I'm officially in my mid-30's!  Gah!

Here's some 3 Month Xander Facts: 

He was almost 16lbs at his 2 month check up - but I'm quite sure he's gained more since then.  He's a big, healthy boy.

No surprise, but he's kind of a night owl (he gets it honest) so he doesn't go completely down to sleep till late - but once he does, he sleeps for a stretch of 4-6 hours -- which is nice.

He still LOVES the bath -- or to grab a quick shower with mommy -- and still isn't so fond of the getting out and drying off part... but he's getting better about that too. 

He loves music... Especially when daddy plays guitar and sings to him -- but only the fast, upbeat songs.


• is getting more control of his head and neck. 

• is almost able to sit up unassisted.

• has started to grasp objects and bring them up to his mouth.

• is drooling a whole lot and the spitting up has peaked.  -- We do a whole lot of laundry around here these days!

He's almost too big for Big Sis to hold!

Baby-Wearing is the only way I can get stuff done.

Daddy's boy - there's no denying he's his.

I am super blessed.  ❤️