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"After the Storm"

Some days are easier than others.
I'm a mom.  I run a household full-time - I clean, I cook, I handle the family budget and finances, I go to the grocery, I make sure the pets have food, water and keep up with when they need to go to the vet.  I juggle co-parenting of one of my children with her father.  I juggle several schedules.  I try to accomodate sleepovers.  I volunteer to chaperone field trips.  
I have voluntarily taken on the responsibility of caring for my 19 year old nephew who has lived with us for a year now.  In turn, this has opened my eyes to how everyone in my family has fallen short in regard to his life.  
I have 2 young children -- who have had pretty normal and stable lives.  I wasn't at all prepared to deal with all the issues that come with being a stand-in parent for a child who has had a harder life - emotionally and mentally - than most adults I know - at the mere age of 18.  
In taking him into our home, it's added to the stress I imagine most…