Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"It's been one week."

Current weight: 193.7 (Down 3.3lbs)

Week one of my weight loss endeavor has proved to be manageable for the most part. - Yes, I did have a few moments of weakness where I had to fight off the urge for chocolate but I was able to fight through them and remain faithful to my diet plan.

The weekend proved to be an unplanned "cheat weekend." - Sunday wasn't originally planned as a cheat day, but seeing how we were celebrating Alan's Grandmother's 91st birthday, I felt cheating on my diet was only natural - especially since birthday cake is involved.

Despite the weekend's "diet adultery," I managed to lose 3 pounds in just 10 days as a result of only tweaking my diet.

In the first 7 days of this fitness & weight loss challenge, I quickly realized getting healthy is truly a commitment of your TIME.

Last week was tough for me to make time to exercise. - Between Emmy being home (and still in school) & my working 11 days straight - I didn't have much time (or energy) to exercise as much as I felt I needed to. - Since I couldn't workout, I knew I really needed to commit to eating healthy. - And to my surprise, it worked! - So now I'm even more motivated and am looking forward to taking full advantage of having my kid-free mornings all to myself to dedicate to working out! - I'm excited to see what next week's numbers will look like!

I've already accepted the fact that eating healthier will require more frequent trips to the grocery to acquire fresh produce. Consequently, I'm am going to attempt to incorporate weekly trips to the grocery on Sundays rather than my customary bi-weekly trips - again, making time to get there on a weekly basis is going to take discipline on my part - especially since Sundays are usually my only day off.

I also realized that packing healthier snaking options (and lunches) have made me factor extra time into my "getting ready" morning routine - . I am an avid snacker. I snack all the time - especially in the car. Because so much of my time is spent in my car commuting to one of my umpteen jobs, I often eat on the go. In my situation, I know that committing to pack healthy & filling snacks is definitely THE biggest key to breaking some unhealthy habits I've developed over the past few years.

In other health related news, I had the first of many doctors appointments to come last Thursday. I expressed my concerns about my weight to my doctor and how I felt they were directly related to my health issues that I've been experiencing as of late. - Chronic pain, chronic fatigue & an overall constant feeling of crumminess.

She ordered extensive bloodwork. I am scheduled for 3 other tests & procedures for June 4th & 5th.

I also have 2 appointments next week - the first being with my gynecologist and the 2nd with a new holistic doctor a client of mine referred me to out in Brentwood.

I'm hoping between the 3 doctors, I will get some definitive answers and a set game plan to get myself back on track.

Fingers & toes crossed! I will keep everyone posted and please keep the prayers coming!

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Friday, May 4, 2012

"I was difficult to reach, but you picked me."

- Between Emily being fever-stricken since Sunday and my having a knockout bout with my own health issues; it's definitely made for an interesting week.

Luckily, I already had Monday through Wednesday booked out on my calendar for some much-needed R&R.

- Rest - Yes. - Relaxation - Umm, yeah, not so much.

With all the downtime I had this week, I caught myself taking notice of just how nice life is without the stress of trying to stick to a strict schedule.

I'm that annoying OCD person who has a running "To Do" list and an intense Google calendar to keep me organized at all times.

So with this virus, Emily slept a lot... And I mean A LOT... which is really out of the ordinary for her. - Even when she had the flu she was still up bouncing around, so seeing her sleep till 1pm for 3 days straight was very scary for me. But I let her sleep, meanwhile, I took full advantage of the quiet time and scheduled her doctor appointments for late in the afternoon.

A few months ago, Emmy and Alan made this magnet for our fridge:

- Well, I noticed Wednesday night - after a "later than I would have liked" all-out grocery run, that it had been on the "Funshine Bear" side all week - which, in all honesty, surprised me a little.

I'm not one that handles stress, change or sickness with much grace. If I don't have a grasp on a situation, I freak out and those that live with me are subject to all the "crazy" that I become.

So to see that I hadn't barked at anyone enough to make them flip the mood indicator over to "Grumpy Bear" made me laugh.

After I put Emily back to bed that night, I went to work in my kitchen, washing the produce I had bought and planning meals for the week. - Even though I was completely exhausted myself, I felt really peaceful.

My daughter was resting. My husband was watching the Preds game. I felt completely content in my rinky-dink-busted-up kitchen.

Then for some reason, I started thinking of my past relationships - and more importantly, who I was in those relationships.

- That's when something really powerful occurred to me.

"Tell me something amazing."

That phrase was a staple in my relationship repertoire.

- When something went wrong, I'd say, "Tell me something amazing."

- When I got scared, I'd ask, "Tell me something amazing?"

- When I felt insecure (which was most of the time), I'd demand, "Tell me something amazing!" all the while hoping to hear a sweet compliment... or a profession of love & faithfulness... or both.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the gist.

Not once in the last year and 8 months have I ever said to Alan, "Tell me something amazing."

- And that in itself is something pretty amazing to me.

My life isn't perfect by any means, but God has graciously given me a partner that will weather the storms with me. - And I've found a world of peace in knowing that. <3

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