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When thinking of song lyrics to associate with this particular blog entry, David Bowie sang it best.

Changes. Lots and lots of changes.

First and foremost, I'm finally finished with school!! Praise the great Lord above!! I made it. I survived. It may have taken me 13 freaking months to finish an 8 month program, but I DID IT.

This time last year I was barely on the other side of a completely debilitating bout with depression. School saved my sanity. As much as I've hated being there since I returned after my surgery, I can honestly say my completion of the program has been bittersweet.

- Now I'm in the process of transitioning into an Aesthetics position at The Wax Pot Studio. - Initially, I had thought we would be in the 12th Ave South area of Nashville for at least another year, however, in November we will be moving to a new location in the heart of downtown Nashville because the building we're renting out of is being sold.

Also within the past week, came anoth…

"And love will not break your heart, but dismiss your fears."

I've never been one to gush publicly about my relationships. - I don't get it at all. - I can write and write so freely about all the traumatic happenings that took place in my lifetime, but when it comes to being completely vulnerable with my heart at the mercy of a man, I have much difficulty articulating what I feel.

- Jaded? - Oh, yes, absolutely.

- Disappointed/embarrassed by the failure of past relationships? - Goodness, yes.

- Scared to death of jinxing things? - Yes, yes, yes!

I guess in my mind, it's so hard for me to open up about the personal things in my life, new relationships in particular, because I'm pre-programed to expect them to fail miserably, especially when everything else in my life is going so unbelievably well. I'm always waiting for the proverbial ball to drop. Good things just don't happen to me all that often. - So instead of screaming at the top of my lungs that I'm completely taken by a boy in the middle of a crowded street…