This past year has been a crazy one.  I don't think I realized just how crazy things were until after everything settled down 2 weeks ago.  

My mom flew in right as Summer was coming to a close to spend time with my nephew before he shipped out to basic training.

That last week of July was already going to be complete insanity without my mom being here. 

I was booked for a ton of work with the Beachbody convention.  

We were trying to get my nephew's room cleaned & packed up.  

Mom also decided we needed to squeeze in a move of all his stuff that was already in a storage unit to a smaller, climate-controlled unit that weekend.

Emily was attending Summer camp during the day and was dealing with a pretty awful cold, so by the time she got home every evening, she was completely wiped out.  

We still needed to go shopping for school supplies and new khaki bottoms because she literally out grew EVERY SINGLE THING we bought her last year.  But we only had time to go at 8pm on the Sunday before school started - which, btw, she started back on August 1st.  No half day...  Full regular week of school.

Mom wanted to cook a whole bunch.  I was thankful for that, but holy moly! - Running all over town to different markets and grocery stores whilst toting a very active toddler who is well into his "Terrible Twos" was no easy feat!

But wait, there's more!

- Throw in some excessive nagging, incessant talking and worrying over my nephew's life...  Well, that was just the icing on the proverbial cake.  But at least none of the negativity was aimed at me this time around.


Overall, her visit wasn't as bad as I had feared it to be.  She was pleasant for the most part.  I think my nephew took the brunt of her grumpiness this time around.

She left on the 1st.  David swore in and left on the 2nd.

... And I literally haven't done much of anything since.  

Aside from the work I already had booked over the past 2 weeks, I didn't add much of anything else to my calendar.

I haven't cooked dinner for 2 freaking weeks. - WHAT?!?!  - I know, right?!

I literally have been in a crazy unproductive state of decompression!

I only confess this all to you guys because I finally feel ready to get my life together again.  Lol

I have this whole weekend off so I'm hitting the grocery store and will start back on my meal prep and planning. 

I've set myself up to start another Advocare 10 day cleanse on Monday. (Let me know if anyone wants to do it with me!)

I'm ready to buckle down and get back in the gym.  I've always been intimidated by gyms, so I'm enlisting some help from one of my fitness friends to come show me some exercises that will help me get myself to a less fat and flabby state.  Ha!

I've realized with this past year, I took on entirely too much.  

- Between taking care of extra humans on top of extra animals, our regular 5 fur babies plus my 2 children and my husband, I spent very little time taking care of myself.  

My life has been so quiet these past 2 weeks.  

I really didn't know what to do with myself, so I just hung out at home in a semi-vegetative state if I wasn't working. 

I did manage to finally use my gift certificates I got last CHRISTMAS for a massage and a pedicure - not on the same day! - so I'm really thankful for that!

This extended down time has been really good for me.  But I'm ready to hit the ground running again.  

What I've learned from all this: 

Self love is so important. Taking care of yourself is a means of ensuring that you are able to take care of others who need you.  

I needed to be reminded of that.  

I'm also pretty sure there are several of my friends out there that needed reminding too.  

It's okay to be still...

It's okay to do absolutely nothing...

It's okay to just be...  You.  



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