Sunday, August 21, 2011

"Good Golly, Miss Molly!"

Things have been quite insane at the Casa de Fox-Smith as of late.

LOTS of changes taking place, lots of decisions to pray hard about.

For starters, Alan officially turned in his notice last week. This has come as a VERY welcomed gesture - especially since we've been married I have hardly been able to see my husband because of work. Although I'm extremely happy that he won't have to stay at work till all hours of the morning cleaning up the messes his incompetent employees unfailingly leave for him every night, at the same time, my mind, body and soul are completely exhausted from the constant state of worry they've been in since the day he called his district manager to inform him of his decision.

He's got a lot of things in the works - tossing around a lot of ideas and making all kinds of plans. - And much like the situation I found myself in when I was about to leave my insurance job several years ago to pursue Aesthetics school, Alan is also registering for school in hopes to finish up his degree. I - more so than anyone - understand the importance of loving what you do and support his gestures to make that happen with everything I have.

But somehow, my worrisome nature always gets the best of me. My maternal instincts get shoved into overdrive. And I worry... constantly... over how I'm going to take care of everything and everyone. God always provides for me, I know this, yet I still have trouble letting go of all the worry.

In other news, most of you know that I've been with The Cosmetic Market on a very part-time/as needed basis since I started Aesthetics school in 2009. Just in the last several weeks, I've managed to rack up some ridiculous hours. My manager even asked me if I was interested in staying on a few days a week from now on and I agreed.

Well, with all the added hours, I decided to email corporate to see about having my pay rate adjusted. In my email I proceeded to toot my own horn a little (something I don't normally do) - but I was sure to mention all my recent accomplishments - like being nationally published multiple times, completing Aesthetics school and placing 1st in the state for my Aesthetics & Makeup techniques and having the opportunity to go compete at Nationals only to place 5th in the Nation.

Needless to say, my email was well received. They came to me with an offer that I seriously need to pray about - actually 3 different offers - but only one of them I am seriously considering.

So in addition to my freelancing business - which I'm so blessed to be staying so busy with, I'm still trying to get a treatment room up and functioning out of my home and I am now considering the offer of working out of the treatment room at The Cosmetic Market in Green Hills every Sunday and Monday.

I've been praying about it incessantly. I've informed my managers that I need a few weeks to think about my decision so that we have some time to figure out Alan's schedule too as I don't want to commit to something that I won't be able to keep up especially when Emily's schedule comes into play and they've graciously afforded me some time.

So yes, we've got a lot of stuff going on - and lest we not forget to mention the horrible state of demolition and reconstruction our home is in. Oy vey! Please keep our family in your prayers and I will try to do better at keeping everyone informed of what's going on in our crazy lives!