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"Good Golly, Miss Molly!"

Things have been quite insane at the Casa de Fox-Smith as of late.

LOTS of changes taking place, lots of decisions to pray hard about.

For starters, Alan officially turned in his notice last week. This has come as a VERY welcomed gesture - especially since we've been married I have hardly been able to see my husband because of work. Although I'm extremely happy that he won't have to stay at work till all hours of the morning cleaning up the messes his incompetent employees unfailingly leave for him every night, at the same time, my mind, body and soul are completely exhausted from the constant state of worry they've been in since the day he called his district manager to inform him of his decision.

He's got a lot of things in the works - tossing around a lot of ideas and making all kinds of plans. - And much like the situation I found myself in when I was about to leave my insurance job several years ago to pursue Aesthetics school, Alan is also registering for …